San Diego Workers’ Compensation Attorney

The American Workers’ Compensation system is set-up so that when you’re injured at work, you don’t have to battle over whose fault it was in court. While you may avoid a personal injury lawsuit with your employer, you still have a mountain of paperwork to climb just to get the help you deserve. If you’re injured while working, you should have a lawyer help you with your request for Workers’ Compensation. Personal injury and Workers’ Compensation attorney Steven Martin is experienced and trustworthy. He wants to see his clients get treated fairly by the system and their employers in any circumstance, but especially when they suffer a work-related injury.

San Diego Workers’ Compensation

Mr. Martin can help review your medical information, speak with doctors, insurers and any witnesses to your incident. He can help you make the case you deserve compensation for your medical care and lost wages from taking time off to heal. Having an attorney in your corner will reduce stress and worry. You’ll know someone is fighting for you.

Workers’ Compensation Appeals Attorney in San Diego

If you have applied for Workers’ Compensation and the insurer denied your claim, you will have the right to appeal the decision. If you didn’t use an attorney to help you file your initial claim, the appeals process is the time to bring someone in.

You will present your appeal in a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. The hearing is less formal than a court case; however, you will still have to prove your case. You will be able to present evidence, like medical records and new information not in your original application. You will be allowed to present witness testimony (if relevant).

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in San Diego

Steven Martin is experienced in representing people in Workers’ Compensation appeals hearings. He has proven successful at it over his career. His former clients can attest to his skill with benefit applications and appeal hearings. They note that he is easy to get in touch with and not shy about answering questions during the long waiting process for compensation. Call him to discuss your Workers’ Compensation claim and get on your way to a full recovery.

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