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Steven W. Martin is a personal injury attorney in San Diego who also helps clients on related issues like disability benefits and Worker’s Compensation. The award-winning attorney excelled as a law student, graduating with honors, and continues to excel as a solo practitioner. The seven-year veteran has a proven record of success, winning six and seven figure settlements for his clients and helping them get the disability benefits they need.

Personal Injury

Mr. Martin is capable of litigating any case where another’s mistake, recklessness or intention caused you an injury. He will work tirelessly to seek the best possible outcome you’re after. If you want a rapid settlement, he will work efficiently and negotiate from a position of strength, convincing the opposing party that a settlement is in their best interests. When it’s necessary to litigate the matter, Mr. Martin has the skill set to present a winning argument to a jury.

Social Security Disability

Some believe that a hiring a lawyer to help with the Social Security disability benefit application process will save costs over time. If you have a complex medical history or are already receiving government benefits, the application process can become complicated. Hiring an experienced attorney like Steven Martin can help.

You may need assistance from an attorney if the Social Security Administration (SSA) has denied benefits. You may appeal any decision against you when you apply for benefits, and you will have the right to representation at the appeals hearing. Mr. Martin has represented clients at these hearings and convinced the hearing officer to award his clients the benefits they needed.

Workers’ Compensation

Many already know that Workers’ Compensation programs helps to pay the cost of medical care for employees injured while working. Few know the ins and outs of the process the way Steven Martin does. He will do more than simply help you fill out forms and turn them in on time. He will work with your physician and other medical professionals to show there’s no doubt you should receive benefits. If you’ve already been denied benefits and need to appeal, he can represent you at the hearing and help you prepare to make your case.

How Steven W. Martin Helps Clients Get Compensation

Steven Martin is an intelligent and capable attorney who is determined to see you fairly compensated for your injuries. He can get you the compensation or benefits that will help you get back on your feet. Call him today at 619-642-2412 to find out how he can help you.

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