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Personal Injury

For the personal injury law practice, justice means that you get fair compensation when someone else’s mistake or negligence causes you harm. If you’re injured in a car or bike accident, you fell on a snowy sidewalk in front of a shop or you lost a loved one because of another person’s reckless behavior, Mr. Martin will battle to make sure that you find justice in our legal system.

Social Security Disability

If you’ve applied for Social Security disability benefits, you realize how difficult it is to get the benefits the government has promised. There are many forms that you must complete and give the Social Security Administration (SSA) all they ask for. Your physician must provide information and it is often up to you to get it to them.

Workers’ Compensation

The American Workers’ Compensation system is set-up so that when you’re injured at work, you don’t have to battle over whose fault it was in court. While you may avoid a personal injury lawsuit with your employer, you still have a mountain of paperwork to climb just to get the help you deserve. If you’re injured while working, you should have a lawyer help you with your request for Workers’ Compensation.

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